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        Inner Mongolia University welcomes arrival of freshmen

        Freshmen from all over China arrive at Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot,  capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Aug 14. [Photo/imu.edu.cn]

        There was excitement as over 3,000 freshmen from all over China began arriving at Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot, capital of North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, from Aug 14 to 15.

        During the two-day registration, IMU dispatched special staff members to explain the school's arrangements for students and parents and to brief the newbies on the school's environment and facilities.


        Smiling and eager faces are in everywhere, as freshmen arrive at Inner Mongolia University in Hohhot. [Photo/imu.edu.cn]

        At the same time, there were student volunteers on hand to provide warm and thoughtful counseling and services for freshmen and freshmen’s parents.

        With the help of smart phone applications software, IMU set up a freshmen class group and a parents Wechat group in advance. Through the platforms it sent the contents of the school introduction, school registration, military training and entrance education to the freshmen in advance, so as to provide all the guidance information needed by the freshmen.

        According to IMU authorities, freshmen will begin to receive entrance education and military training from August 18.

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